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Lots of boxes.

A boatload of scrunchy paper.

Oodles of joy.

Five original songs.

Four instruments.

Three performers.

Two puppets.

One very special show.

Box: A create-a-long sensory journey premiered in August 2023 at the Taste of the Arts Festival in downtown Fort Wayne.  Featuring boxes with several surprises inside, the contents were revealed throughout the course of the show.  Audience participants got to touch, play with, and manipulate the various props, which led to participant-suggested additions in the story that the performers incorporated into the plot of the show.  Original songs and homemade bird puppets guided the participants on an interactive experience, creating a piece of theatre that truly embodied the spirit of discovery, joy, and creativity.  This performance also featured an ASL interpreter, funded by AWS, as the Accessibility Sponsor of the Taste of the Arts Festival.

A create-a-long sensory journey

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